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Medieval village in High-Auvergne


"In the twilight, the village sadly dreams of its lost glory. But now from the top of the massive steeple, a bell gently rings out the angelus; the shadows hide the ruins and time stops. From the other side of the gorge, a light still lingers over the mountains, as a hope : the promise of the day that cannot fail to shine."  Raymond Cortat.

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   Finished the legendary isolation of Cantal, now it is linked to the rest of the hexagon and the world, one after the other, by the motorway A75 and by a Web site ! Be the first to discover a forgotten mountainous region but authentic one that contains quiet places where rural life is dotted about in the shadow of turreted houses amid the scent of pine forests. Visitor, if you like nature, history and authenticity then this village lost in this magnificent region will seduce you ...

   Do you want to find your roots, to rake up the past? To begin researches on your village, on your region or on your ancestors I have made a list of libraries, booksellers and specialized publishers. And before going there consult their catalogues on Internet.

Notice: I have made this translation with my scholastic english remains, I have never practice. So if you see somethings going wrong you could help me to rectify it. Thanks !

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