Medieval village in High-Auvergne

Sports & Leisures

  • Fishing, is possible in many brooks and rivers (trout, gudgeon, minnow, etc .) and also to the barrage of Enchanet (pike, keep, etc .). Obtain the I.G.N. card of the fishing and the water "Cantal". Accesses to plans of water, the different types of fishing (1st and 2th category) and also points of sale of permits there are notably mentioned. Besides lover of the trout or the sandre, visitors will be able to use the card as a tool of discovery of the region. In sale in bookstore and to the C.D.T. Hotel of the department B.P. 8, 15018 Aurillac Cedex. Tel:

  • The region is obviously propitious to hikes, around Pleaux, but also in the High Valley of the Dordogne and strolls between Maronne and Bertrande. The Pas de Peyrol, collar of the Puy Mary, is the starting point of all splendid stroll on paths of crest.

  • Horsemen of the Estang, Lacan, 15150 Arnac. Tel.:
  • Equestrian farm JM Passenaud Chanut, The Castanier, 15310 Saint Illide. Tel.:
  • Equestrian farm, Soult, 19220 St-Geniez-O-Merle. Tel.:
  • Equestrian center of the pond of Malesse, 19220 Saint-Privat. Tel.:


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