Medieval village in High-Auvergne


   Discovering Pleaux is discovering its architectural patrimony with its old lanes, its church, its ancient houses with turrets, vestige of the medieval period. It is also discovering the wealth of its cultural patrimony with its museum, its exhibitions and its traditional festivities. A page has been all specially devoted to our dear poet. It is finally discovering a village and its soil with its farming houses, its barns - cowsheds, its Salers breedings turned to the production of milk that serves to the manufacture of cheeses (the Cantal) and the reputed meat and its country markets where one will be able to provide in traditional products of soil.

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Guided tour

It is a particular visit that I propose you through the village of years 1900-1920. Today it is hardly different, of course, it has only succumbed to effects of modernism. Through these ancient postcards you will be able to discover the testimony of an authentic past sometimes touching.

In stars, the main streets converge on the beautiful town hall place; it is dominated westward by the church and the municipal building.

You must give a quick look, to the midday, to the entry of the convent with its campanile and its old roof with skylights, and to the north to this curious group houses limited by the Maley’s tower and other side by a corbelling house.

At the beginning of the Empeyssine street stands up an other tower (Dapeyron, doctor Rouchy) adorned with a remarkable Renaissance window and a beautiful door.

Close at hand opens a great door to full arches crowned by a very pretty baluster that was a communion table of the Saint-Jean’s church that have been transported here by a monopolistic mayor. From there a passage leads to a residence built in 1777, with a vast roof supporting three ranks of attics, beautiful doors ( Barbier house, once Naudet). It is close to the ancient seminary and its steeple, now the current general teaching college.


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